5 Guys who could face Dos Santos at UFC 146

April 16, 2012 § 8 Comments

1. Alastair Overeem

The very existence of this article informs you that a replacement has not yet been named and Alastair Overeem remains in the main event. The very fact the UFC has decided file for a license application suggests they still harbour hope of their headliner being saved despite his remarkable 14-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio. Is it worth muddying the name of MMA with dirty politics in order to save this match up?

2. Frank Mir

Without a doubt the most deserving fighter currently waiting in reserve. Set to face former champ Cain Velasquez in the 146 co-main event and the winner would become number one contender. Surely then it only makes sense to give the potential call up to one of these fighters? However you can’t really give it to Velasquez as his last fight was against Dos Santos and an immediate rematch would be unearned.

3. Mark Hunt

#RallyForHunt. One of the major shocks of the Overeem-Roids scandal, more shocking than the scandal itself (let’s face it the revelation that Overeem’s growth was not legit is hardly surprising, horse meat-pah!) is the upsurge in support for Mark Hunt. An incredible Cinderella story that has seen the K-1 legend go from defeat in a courtesy fight against Sean McCorckle to the stunning upset of Cheick Kongo and now a Twitter campaign has pushed the New Zealander to the verge of an unlikely title shot.

4. Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson wants a belt. Whether that be at middleweight, light heavyweight or, as he revealed recently, heavyweight- it really doesn’t matter to ‘Hendo’. Following wins over Fedor Emelianenko and Shogun Rua, Henderson is in a very prominent and versatile position. He is a multi-divisional number one contender who can be interchanged into whatever title fight he may want. At the moment he is in line to fight the winner of Jon Jones and Rashad Evans but has hinted that he may opt for a rematch with Anderson Silva. Now he is saying he would step up to face Dos Santos. Despite being a seemingly improbable choice, he is just as deserving as Frank Mir and has every right to flit between divisions. He is getting a title shot but whether that will be at heavyweight remains to be seen.

5. Fedor Emelianenko

Ok, admittedly this one is silly. Not only is his next fight is rumoured to be in St. Petersburg against Bobby Lashley but also he hasn’t achieved anything of note since 2006. Wins over Brett Rogers, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Jeff Monson and Satoshi Ishii are really nothing to write home about for someone who is regarded so highly by so many. His best years are behind him but a marquee fight with Dos Santos would be huge if not merited.


§ 8 Responses to 5 Guys who could face Dos Santos at UFC 146

  • Sean Fox says:

    Mark Hunt just doesn’t have the record to merit it.

    Hendo and Mir do but neither will really stretch dos Santos. Hendo is too small and Mir is too fragile against big punchers.

    Fedor is a joke now, less worthy than Hendo but probably big bucks for TV

    • It’s crazy to think how stacked we used to think the heavyweight division is but Carwin gets sidelined, Brock retires and all of sudden people are looking at Mark Hunt as a title challenger.

      I don’t know why there’s this backlash against Mir. I think he’s a very credible opponent.

      • wareagle says:

        thank you, – WHY the backlash against Mir ? ….. as for fragile – if you dont k.o. him ,he will break your arm ! dos Santos vs Mir could be a great fight !

  • Alpha Arnold says:

    Truth be told…
    I think Fedor would be the best matchup for dos santos. Despite this dudes 3 recent loses, he still can destroy 7 out of the top 10 heavyweights out there.. I guarantee it. The guy just got caught. Doesn’t mean hes washed up what so ever. He is not even close to being DANY HARDY-ESK. Now that dude, was all hype for no reason. Fedor on the other hand, I’m sure he will rebound.

    • I hope he does rebound but if he’s going to he needs to stop fighting tomato cans. If he figthts and beats Lashley that will prove nothing. I actually have a feeling Lashley might do a “Big Foot” and beat him through sheer size difference.

  • kosta2kosta says:

    fedor would destroy dos santoos

    • The man who got the fuck beat out him by Antonio Silva, KO’d by a smaller Henderson and subbed by Werdum would “destroy” Dos Santos? Seems far-fetched.

      I like Fedor but he could barely beat Monson never mind Dos Santos.

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