Soccer Kicks: Barbaric or Brilliant?

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

After weeks without posting I have been stung back into action by the shocking soccer kick KO of Roger Huerta by Zorobabel Moreira at ONE FC. After witnessing a clearly battered and stupefied Huerta stumble defenselessly while Moreira continued to land heavy punches and knees, I could not believe that the referee did not jump in to stop the fight. However, it got worse. As Huerta wearily succumbed to his knees, Moreira took up the stance to preform a soccer kick. Noticing this, the referee started yelling “NO KICK! NO KICK!”, this however, fell on deaf ears as Moreira did his best Cristiano Ronaldo impression by blasting Huerta square on the face. Two things: one, why did the referee not jump in to prevent the unnecessary kick he seen coming? Two, if he was telling Moreira not to kick then I have to presume that they are illegal and if so, why was there no DQ?

Either way the referee is the real culprit and has let himself, Huerta, ONE FC and the sport of MMA down. Efficient refereeing is more important in MMA than in  any other sport and his performance was shameful. It was so bad that he deserves to be kicked in the head.

Despite a damning review by MMAJunkie’s FightDoc, many fans still pine nostalgically about PRIDE, the glory days of watching downed opponents getting kicked in the head. This fight has sparked a very divisive debate about the technique and whether or not it has a place in modern day MMA.

On one side, soccer kicks can break necks and kill people, require no skill and are performed exclusively on downed opponents. On the other side… “IT’S A FIGHT DUDE! NO HOLDS BARRED, YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO! SOCCER KICKS ARE COOL, MAN.YEAH, BRO.GRR”.

It does not diminish the spectacle of the sport by including a little bit of reasoned health and safety protocol. The combination of such a deadly technique with such god awful refereeing could undoubtedly result in the sport’s first death.


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