Premature UFC 147 Hysteria

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UFC 147 cannot come quickly enough. This masterfully created promo will leave MMA fans worldwide coming out in goosebumps, forcing us to clench our fists with furious yet tempered anticipation. It’s only early March but already this video has extinguished any hope I had of patience.


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Top 5: UFC Promos

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Over the past few years, as the sport continues to grow, the UFC promos have become slicker and slicker. Lets say I’m writing this post in commemoration of their brand new opening titles. Although very loose reasoning, I’m using it to segue into this top 5. This is not random and remiss but is in fact very topical blogging. Appreciate it.

5. UFC 129: Georges St. Pierre versus Jake Shields

4. UFC 114: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson versus Rashad Evans

3. UFC 117: Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen

2. UFC 128: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua versus Jon Jones

1. UFC 124: Georges St. Pierre versus Josh Koscheck

UFC 133: Evans dominates a valiant Ortiz

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Rashad Evans showed the world why he is the number one contender after dominating the rejuvenated Tito Ortiz. UFC 133 was all about the rebirth or the realignment of the status quo and after a devastating knee to the solar plexus, normality was restored to the light heavyweight division.

After a whirlwind few weeks, Tito Ortiz had the opportunity to step into title contention by beating a ring rusty Rashad Evans. However, Evans was far from rusty. After the Jon Jones fallout, Evans left Greg Jackson’s Gym in order to get a camp without split loyalties. He joined Imperial Athletics and benefited from a training camp devoted to getting him in shape for his UFC 133 bout. He looked great at the weigh-ins and went on to show that he has lost none of his speed following his 14-month layoff.

The fight started brightly enough for the underdog Ortiz- scoring a takedown early on. He was unable to do any real damage but was surely winning the round on the judges’ scorecards. Late in the round Evans started appeared to find his range and an opening as he started landing heavy hooks and body shots to Tito who fired back with knees. The round ended with Evans on top after a powerful high impact slam.

Second started with a dazed looking Ortiz trading with Rashad but nothing much landed. The fight fell to the mat with Ortiz slapping on a tight-looking guillotine choke but he only half guard and Evans was able to escape. Evans then converted his dominant position into damaging strikes. Ortiz showed great defence from the bottom as he fought for survival. Ortiz got up to his knees but Evans hit him with a crushing knee to his midriff. Ortiz wilted to the floor before being finished with strikes.

What Next for Rashad?

With this win Rashad has kept his place at the top of the division and will face the winner of Rampage Jackson versus Jon Jones.

Imperial Athletics Evans would pose a more versatile threat to Jones than Rampage and the change of training camp and apparent development of his game will mean that Jones won’t be as sure about what Rashad he will be facing.

Evans has fought Jackson before and beat him. However, if Jackson does manage to beat Jones, I would have to guess that he was able to stop Jones from taking him down. If so, that would be evidence to suggest that Evans won’t be able to exploit Jackson’s former Achilles heel like last time.

What Next for Tito?

This fight was, in many ways, a win-win situation for Tito. By stepping up at short notice to fight the number one contender saved the card for the UFC and earned him major brownie points with Dana White. No one expected Tito to win but at the same time they accepted him as a valid replacement. Fans were perhaps lost in the intrigue of the Rocky story and now, as we sit in the aftermath of an Evans win, we acknowledge the elephant in the room that the jump up in competition was too steep.

After finally getting to take his well-earned break from fighting, a step down in competition will give the rejuvenated Ortiz the chance to make a proper run at the title without unexpected spikes.

Possible fights for Tito Ortiz

Ronny Markes versus Karlos Vemola (winner)
Eliot Marshall versus Brandon Vera (winner)
Rich Franklin
Alexander Gustafsson
Kyle Kingsbury

Why we love Forrest Griffin

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Tito Ortiz versus Rashad Evans II: Win-win fight for the light heavyweight division

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When Tito Ortiz scored that unexpected KO against Ryan Bader at UFC 132, the majority of the MMA community were forced to eat their words and Ortiz exploded back into relevancy. Now, weeks after the shock win, Ortiz will step back into the octagon with former champion Rashad Evans at UFC 133.

The spoils for the winner are great. If Rashad can follow the script and get the win, he will once again regain his number one contender status and face the winner of Jackson versus Jones. If Tito can once again overcome the odds, he will complete a phoenix-like rebirth and a Leben-like quick double that will see “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” bounce right back in the title picture.

The two have faced off before as they first clashed away back at UFC 73. The result was a draw but a lot has changed since that first meeting. For one thing, Rashad has improved his striking and now has some of the best hands in the light heavyweight division. From being a one-dimensional wrestler who grappled his way through the Ultimate Fighter, Rashad is now a fighter recognised as being a quality boxer with some of the best footwork in MMA. Tito has gone through spinal fusion surgery to fix niggling back problems that have hindered him in a number of fights. For a wrestler to once again have full confidence in his body has been a big factor in the rejuvenation of Ortiz’s career.

A major factor in the fight will be the fact that it has been over a year since Rashad stepped into the cage. A succession of injuries and bad luck has seen Evans take an unwanted extended layoff. Evans’ last fight was away back at UFC 114 when he beat arch rival Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Being granted the privilege of headlining such a high profile fight after just one win in six shows how powerful Ortiz’s enduring popularity and evergreen marketability is. The peroxide blond with the big head has been a constant draw in the division but it is only now that he is being treated as a legitimate threat, rather than being used to bulk up other fighters resumes with impressive sounding victories.

The romance of this Cinderella story is the biggest pull for the fight. Fans will enjoy the drama of an old vet rediscovering the glory days of his prime against one of the top guys of the new generation. Despite how enticing the underdog story, fans will also be excited by the prospect of either Evans versus old teammate Jones or nemesis Rampage Jackson.

The fight is likely to stay standing with Ortiz being the one more desperate to take the fight down. Rashad’s speed and footwork will see him beat Ortiz to the punch and he will him dart in and out of range landing stiff jabs like he did against Rampage. Ortiz is always going to be dangerous on the feet as he showed against Bader but Evans is a much more accomplished striker.

This fight is a win-win situation for the UFC and its light heavyweight division as the winner will create shockwaves in the division as either completion of a resurrection or the confirmation of a future grudge match.

Rampage Jackson: “Randy Couture fuck you dude, you a fake ass has been”

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UFC Light heavyweight number one contender Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has started a Twitter beef with MMA legend Randy Couture after “The Natural” picked Matt Hammill to beat Rampage in their UFC 130 fight.

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While previewing the card for Affliction, “The Natural” predicted that Hammill would get the upset and score a win via decision. This did not go down well with the man from Memphis…

Rampage took his displeasure to the web and has let the world know in no uncertain terms what he felt about being overlooked by Couture.

“Yo boy Randy Couture is the has been, check his last fight bitch”

Couture responded in a characteristically diplomatic manner.

“It sucks that rampage would take an objective pick on a fight personally. He’s a great guy and a friend. All the best to him! …Yes the hamill pick. I thought hamill would eek out a Decision In that fight and rampage took it personal. They’re objective and I’m wrong alo”

Despite being a well-meaning and respectful explanation of his choice, Couture’s tweet only seemed to make Jackson angrier.

“Fuck Randy Couture I used to rep his line, and he always picked my opponents over me. At first it was cool till hammill #has been”

“Randy Couture fuck you dude, you a fake ass has been. I was a real friend and kept my mouth shut when I didn’t know if you would win or lose”

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